S H R E K The Musical

S H R E K the Musical
A Critique Essay
by Gia Ruscica
April 15, 2014

If you like to get a good laugh and love to participate in sing-a-long, then you will be in for a treat! with a great cast then you should watch Shrek: The Musical. This play has a great storyline displaying how you should accept everyone for who they are even if they are a bit different than everyone else. This was a very intriguing play that I very much enjoyed, it was a great experience for me. Everything was very well organized which made it an even better show! The sound, the lighting and the props made it a well put together show for everyone to enjoy.
My favourite character in the play was Donkey, I liked donkey the most because the actor was loud and clear when performing and did a good job on acting just like donkey in the actual movie Shrek. In the movie, donkeys personality was very cheerful, funny and hyper, this is exactly how the actor who played donkey in the play displayed the character, this made the play more like the movie. The other actors in the play did a good job, they played along with the storyline quite well like the real movie. The high school students who played in the play from my experience did very well acting in this production.
For the sound and lighting I thought it was pretty good for a high school production. A few times the bright spotlight would shine right in your eyes and that was really the only thing that I disagreed with in the whole play. The sound was very clear and you could hear what the actors were saying and that made it all the more easier to understand the play and moral of the story. I loved the singing involved in the play which delivered the storyline very well, there were many good singers in the cast that was very impressive again considering it was a high school production. As for sound and lighting it was again very well done.
I was very impressed with the props, especially the walls on the side that could change colour and pattern, this was very effective for setting your mind on the setting. If you’re in a forest or in a castle, the walls will change colour and pattern to make the setting seem real, this was very impressive. The only mistake with the props was when the dragons arm fell off, the cast and crew did a good job of not making it obvious, they just went along with it, no one stopped or even made a big deal of ot. I could barely notice the small mistake. The crew handled it very well. I also thought that the crew did a very good job changing scenes quickly, quietly and unnoticeable.

Overall this was an outstanding production from my opinion and from that i’ve heard, many others thought so to. Between sound, lighting, cast and crew this truly was a very enjoyable show for all to see. My favourite character Donkey added some giggles to the show and shrek and princess Fiona showed a cute love story and delivered an important message to all; accept everyone for who they are even if they are different. I was impressed with the props and the cast and crews ability to change scenes so well. I was impressed with the whole production; the songs, the cast and crew and the storyline. Shrek the musical: a well done production made by a high school.

Storms Are Cool

I have experienced about three big storms in my life. Two big snowstorms and one near tornado experience, it was pretty scary but exiting at the same time.  I enjoy studying storms and I find them very interesting with all the clouds and temperatures and all those things, so it was pretty cool to experience a few.

Thunder storm

Challenge Eight…

Activity 1: I think that a catchy title, a good picture and interesting text makes a good post. Also I think that good grammar and few spelling mistakes makes a great post.

What Makes me stop and read a post: I think that a very cool picture that when I see it I want to read the post, also when a post has a catchy title it makes me want to read it.

Activity 3: I think that a good post I have written is the one on human rights because it made me grateful for what I have and not take for granted for all the privileges that I have like going to school and being educated.  This post stood out of the rest for me because it was powerful… just knowing that a girl just a bit older than me tried to stand up for her right to be educated and she was nearly killed, I definitely take going to school for granted.  So when I read that post I think back on how lucky I am to be educated.

 I think that I can write post about my interests on my blog and I think this interesting to other people because they can connect with my interests and have an idea of what kind of person I am. 

I visited one blog that really stood out to me because I could connect to it and I really enjoyed reading it. It was a story about a girl who loved her dog very much but then it ended up passing away from cancer.

I enjoy reading posts that I can connect to and have interesting text and a good picture always makes me stop and read it.



Fun Fair Revenge- Challenge 9 part A

Fun Fair Revenge…

By Gia


I always get excited when it is the end of the year because of a lot of things. One of them is that of course you don’t have to do homework and the other one is the school fun fair! Now that i am old enough to run an event i am really excited, i was also chosen to run an event with my best friend Layla and that is super awesome!

It was a week before the fun-fair and two of the grade seven bullies approached us. “ what stupid event are you running, geeks?” said Samantha who was one of the two bullies. “ me and Layla are running the water balloon fight station” I said very kindly even though I felt like  punching her. So Samantha just gave me and Layla a dirty look and walked away with Janet who was her best friend and was also a bully. I was not a bit offended because I get bullied by Samantha and Janet all the time, I think its because I am a nerd or a geek. Well anyway, I get good marks all the time and that is one of the main things that is important to me, so I don’t really mind being a geek.


Now I am really decided because it is the day before the fun fair, and maybe I am just a little too prepared.

That night I called Layla and thought it would be cool to get a little revenge on Samantha and Janet, so when I called I said “ hey Layla why don’t we get a bit of revenge on the bullies…”

“Um, Mavey you know that we will get in trouble, right?” said Layla.

“Ya, but it would be so worth it, and I was thinking that we could fill two balloons with black ink and then throw them at Samantha and Janet”.

Layla agreed, and it was an official.

It was finally the day of the fun fair and as I was walking into school I heard on the P.A, “could all students that are running an activity please go outside to set up their event”.

So I met Layla at our station and we each brought a dark coloured balloon filled with black ink.

About an hour later the fun fair begun, and me and Layla were both kind of tired from filling up water balloons for an hour. Group and group went by and we were waiting for Samantha and Janet’s group to come. About 15 minutes later there group came and we got ready with our balloons filled with ink, Samantha gave me the same dirty look she gave me earlier like always. The water balloon fight began and about 45 minutes into the fight me and Layla looked at each other as in saying “ok ready” in 1,2,3… and then it happened.

We threw our balloons with our might and luckily we both had good aim so we hit both of the bullies and they both screamed, I even saw one of the teachers chuckle, because they also knew that Samantha and Janet were bullies. Boy did that ever feel good! Me and Layla cracked up as much as we ever did before.

The next day Samantha and Janet were covered in black ink, and as predicted, me and Layla did get in trouble. Now whenever the bullies walked by they gave me a very mean look, but none of that really mattered to me and Layla because we both knew that we gave the best fun fair revenge to the school bullies!

Family Recipie

My Mom and Nonna have a variety of different recipes from there parents and there parent and so on. I have a lot of Italian in my family Sicilian from my dads side and I have even more Italian from my Mom’s side of the family. So a lot of my family recipes are Italian. All the recipes were pretty amazing and very tasty! Here are some delicious examples:

Lasagna-  Ragu made the day before ( ragu is an Italian meat sauce), Bechamel sauce mixed with the ragu sauce to give it that special flavoruful taste, and also homemade spinach noodles which finishes the delicious lasagna!

Gnocchi- ( “nioki”)  potato dumpling that taste kind of like pasta, a homemade family favourite that we all love. Grate the potato and then mix it in the doe with flour and egg, salt and pepper for taste then we roll it into perfect little gnocchi.

lobster gnocchi

Your Digital Footprint…

After watching the video on digital footprints I have realized that you need to be very careful on what you search because anyone can see any of your digital footprints and also you need to be aware of all your personal information that you put on the internet like Facebook and twitter because their are strangers that can find out who you are and all of your personal information. Also when I went to an internet safety presentation I learned that when you set a password it should be at least eleven characters long so that it is harder for any hackers to figure out your password and get into your personal information. Also you should wipe of your screen daily if you have a touch screen device because then you can see the traces of oil on your fingertips and you can see where you typed in your password.




In all this information about how to be safe while on the internet I have gathered that you have to be very cautious  and aware because whatever you do on the internet leaves digital footprints and anyone can see.

Human Rights

I can relate this discussion to the story of Malalah who is a girl that stood up for her rights as a person in Pakistan, when she tried to stand up for her right as being educated. She was almost killed by the Taliban. The Taliban are people who have taken control of most of Afghanistan and set their rules and ignored some human rights like being educated. I think that being educated is one of the main rights that every person should have because when you become educated you can then think for yourself and set your own opinion on things and learn new things everyday, like reading, writing and learn some mathematical skills. This will also open up your life to a job or a career. In my opinion  if you are educated it will take you everywhere in life, and that is why I think being educated is a main human right. Malalah is a great example of standing up for your rights, because she even risked her life. She proved a very important and powerful point of standing up for yourself and your rights no matter what the consequences.


Canada`s Landmarks

Canada`s Top 3 Landmarks…

The C.N Tower- The Canadian national tower is located in Toronto which is also the capital city of Ontario. I believe that the C.N tower is one of the many beautiful landmarks in Canada. I have never been in the C.N tower myself but I have heard that it you can see the best view of Toronto from up there, I also heard that they have pretty good food in the restaurant they have there to!

CN tower


Niagara Falls

The Horseshoe falls is on Canadian side and it is about 670 metres wide and drops approximately 57 metres. I have been there once and it was a great experience just looking at the falls, and I even went on the “maid of the mist” which actually takes you into the falls, it was super cool and very fun!

horseshoe falls

Bay Of Fundy

The bay of Fundy has the worlds greatest tides and it is quite amazing, it is located on the Atlantic coast of North America, between Canada`s provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Did you know that the Bay of Fundy is also known as “Baie Francais” (french bay) because of an explorer named Samuel de Chapmlain. and also the word “Fundy” comes from the French word “Fendu” meaning split.


BAy of fundy